Budget Makeup vs High End?

We have all heard of brands like Dior, Chanel and YSL but not all of us can afford to buy them.

But then again, do we really need them?

There are lots of good, less expensive makeup brands on the market these days. Plus if you look at the ingredients of a Dior foundation and Max Factor foundation, there might not be a big difference other than the price tends to be double or triple as much.

So what are you actually paying for when you go for high end brand?

Packaging - You will no doubt notice a difference in the packaging if you go for a designer product. Beautiful bottles and flashy boxes will make them feel much more luxurious.

The Brand Label - Having a Chanel lipstick in your make up bag is, for some people, a status symbol.
This is also the case when it comes to the more expensive brands within fashion. Often people convince themselves the extra money goes on quality and longer lasting design, but in reality the vast majority of the added price tag is down to the, often inconspicuous, label.

Better Applicators - Designer make up is more likely to come with better brushes and other applicators that will last longer than the budget ones. However now we are starting to see the gap between the budget and high end brushes and applicators reduce each and every day.

Fragrance - A lot of high end brands adds fragrance to their product to make it feel luxurious to you and also to show others that you are in their special little club.

Colour range -  High end brands tend to have a wider colour range and this is especially useful for products like foundations and concealers. Having such a wide range of choice will help you to find a good match for your skin tone.

Whether you choose high end or budget make up, you should go for a price range that is suitable for you and not compare to what the celebs have or let the sales person in the store convince you that you neeeeed this product in your life.

I tend to go for well known but good value brands for the products I use a lot and budget options on products I only use for special occasions. I don't want to spend too much money on an eyeshadow I only use 2-3 times a month while I'm happier to spend more money on my foundation that I use everyday.

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