What eyeliner should I use?

The difference a good eyeliner can make is huge. It adds more definition and makes your lashes look thicker.

When it comes to choosing the right one you have a few different options..

If "cat eyes" and a more dramatic look is the style you're going for maybe you should choose a Gel eyeliner but if you prefer more defined lines along the lash line maybe you should invest in a Liquid eyeliner.

If you are new to the "world of eyeliners" I would recommend you to start with a Pencil eyeliner since they are easy to use and help create a softer "everyday" look.

To get some inspiration on how to use your eyeliner, why don't you check out our make up videos.

Once you get to know your eyeliner, there are many different looks you can go for. Just pick your style and go for it!

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